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Dapo is passionate about the creatives.  He is an actor, song writer and a percussionist. 


His acting experience started in 2001 during his National Service in Nigeria. He quickly realised that theatre is an empowering tool that can open the hearts and minds of people.  He attended Drama College to gain a better understanding of Christian Drama ethics and completed a professional Acting course at the Reedemed Drama Academy.  He is a member the Ancient Landmark drama ministry that regularly performs at the Festival of Life.


Dapo enjoyed writing and producing songs from his University days, but the lockdown during COVID revived this passion.  He has published some of his songs on  SoundCloud platform under the name "The Messenger".  He writes and sings inspirational songs about the love Jesus Christ combining art, story and song in perfect unison (To Listen - Go to Media/My Music).


Dapo is the founder of Drum for Jesus Ministry that uses percussion drums to make rhythm. Percussion drumming has been around for centuries and is known to relieve stress and create an amostphere of celebration.  The use of druming in the cooperate world to improve; listening skills and develop multitasking abilities; team work, concentration and focus and confidence is well known and Dapo has used this techniques to improve team work in the corporate world. 


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